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Dear Customer
We now enter into a New Year, 2023 and wish all our customers the very best for this coming year.  2022 ends a rather turbulent year, one in which a volatile market environment challenged global trade, and the ongoing uncertainties of the pandemic and its impact on supply chains, along with the situation in Ukraine, added significant complexities to global logistics.
To ensure ITS’s international express network continues to operate as seamlessly as possible for all our customers, the annual general price adjustment considers the following factors: Inflation – Industry-specific costs – Investing in a resilient logistics infrastructure & Sustainability

Within this context, we would like to inform you that the annual general price increase in the UK, effective 1 January 2023, will be an average increase of 9%.


Any special rates which are on your account will also have an increase of 9% for international express exports, import services, road and domestic products placed on them from 1st January 2023.  Any pre-existing discounts which are currently agreed and placed on your account will also remain in place for 2023 but these discounts will be applied after the stated increases above, effective from 1st January 2023.


To continue offering our customers next day deliveries to the destinations available, ITS will still offer a same day collection for bookings processed and received via our website by 3pm.  All other bookings received that day, but after the 3pm cut off time, will be processed and collected the following day


We sincerely appreciate your continued support and we look forward to working together with you throughout 2023.



Please note we are  closed for christmas from Friday 23rd December until Tuesday 3rd January. All queries will be answered upon our return and collections will be scheduled for this date.

Merry Christmas from all at ITS Couriers.


Dear Customers,

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty The Queen and express our sincere condolences to the Royal Family and the British people.

After the official announcement has been concerning the funeral arrangements, advice has been issued that there will be some formal and spontaneous public gatherings mainly taking place in central London, around Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, St. James and Kensington Palaces.

It’s expected to have some large crowds resulting in delays and restrictions on transportation, road closures and diversions in central London. This may cause some delays with deliveries in these impacted areas during the period of mourning which lasts up till the 20th of September.

We will be following the official announcements to plan our field operations accordingly. This message is only to give you the heads up about the possible implications due to the unforeseen circumstances.

Kind regards,



All services to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are currently suspended


Please note that effective from 1st February 2021 our fuel surcharge will be: –

International 20%


COVID-19 has had significant impacts on the global aviation industry and global supply chains. In order for us to maintain a reliable and high quality delivery service for our customers, ITS Couriers were able to withhold introducing  a temporary Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS) which carriers implemented in 2020.  Since the onset of this global pandemic, ITS have been adapting and adjusting the operations of our global network to align with new developments, regulatory requirements and constant changes in capacity and demand.  From February 1st in light of the continued difficulties the main carriers have announced that there will be changes to their ESS charges.  Reluctantly we are unable to absorb these additional costs and therefore our charges will increase across Asia, Europe, Americas and rest of World by 4%.  We hope you understand and thank you for your continued support.



Opening Hours:

Due to the looming Covid restrictions, we have taken the business decision to close the office during the festive period.

The office will be closed from 1pm on Friday 24th December until 9am on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

We will however be answering emails during this period the office is closed, to accommodate the shipments still in transit.

Please do email for updates and advice.

We all thank you for your business during this most difficult year of 2021 and look forward to working with you in 2022!


Please note that effective from 1st November 2021 our fuel surcharge will be: –

International 18%


We would like to bring to your intention the increased importance of declaring

The declaration of the goods on a commercial invoice must match to the true value evidenced via the Proof of Payments (POP) obtained by the consignees. We must highlight how important it is to ensure both the commercial and proof of purchase values match for all shipments to all destinations.

Failure to provide the correct value declarations can result in fines and/or a restriction of the use of our services.

01.2.21 – Brexit
As you will be aware, we left the European Union on the 31st December 2020. From February 1st 2021 a new fees have been levied by customs on all dutiable shipments sent on all our I.T.S.  Express Services between the UK and European Union Countries, both inbound and outbound. With the information currently available, the intention is that the fee will be set at 0.35p per kg with a minimum charge of £4.50 per shipment. Please note that fuel will be added to this fee. It has been introduced as a fee so that it can be adjusted, or applied differently, should circumstances change significantly. Please note that no Brexit fee will be applied to goods moving between Northern Ireland and the EU, based on current customs law.

Suspended Services to the following countries – Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Greece. This is due to very large backlogs. We are unsure of when the services will resume at this time.

It’s vital that you understand how to complete a commercial invoice. These will be required for all shipments between Great Britain and the EU (and vice-versa) from January 1.  All non-documents to the EU now require a commercial invoice and must include an EORI number, description of goods, value, and HS Code.

We have made these necessary changes to the online booking system and this information will automatically appear on the commercial invoice

If you do not have an EORI number please apply here. 

Due to London moving to Tier 4 we will not be doing any collections between Christmas and New Year. Final collection date will be 24/12/20. However, email queries will still be answered. Thank you for your continued support through the year.

Coronavirus – ITS Couriers Ltd is closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at a local level for all our business units. The safety of our employees, clients and suppliers is our top priority. We are following the guidelines of Public Health England (PHE) and local authorities. We are committed to providing the service and support you depend on from us. With this in mind, it’s important to note that there is minimal risk of transmission of the virus when handling mail and packages.
ITS Couriers are still operational and remain open to service you, our customers, as non-commercial and freight flights are still operational.

China (Coronavirus) – – Beijing  is still closed until next Monday 17th, this is a Government decision

– Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanking, Guangzhou offices are still closed with no update of when they will re-open (no Cathay flights into Qingdao, Hangzhou or Nanking)

– Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen are currently open with very limited staff in attendance

– Shenzhen will soon re-open, however the date to be confirmed (subject to on-going inspection from local authorities and Government officials

– Chinese Domestic transportation remains very limited, especially between cities and provinces. (most of the highways are subject to blockades)

We have been advised that most of the factories are still closed, along with many of our franchise customers thus affecting further delays.

We will update and advise you of any changes as soon as possible.

China (Coronavirus) – In order to control the outspread of the coronavirus the Chinese Government has announced to extend the Chinese
New Year Holiday period until 3rd Feb.
Zhejiang & Guangdong Province ( including major cities like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Dongguan and
Guangzhou ) have announced to extend the holiday further until 10th Feb.

USA – This is a National Holiday in the USA and no deliveries or Collections will be attempted in the USA today.

USA – This is a National Holiday in the USA and no deliveries or Collections will be attempted in the USA on Thursday.

Barcelona – Please be aware that there will be a public holiday taking place in Barcelona on Monday 10th June.

USA – Memorial Day. Monday is a National Holiday in the USA and no deliveries or collections will be attempted. Our JFK office will be closed on Monday

Ramadan – Today is the first day of the month of Ramanda. During this month, all of the companies, Private & Goverment Sector, in the Middle East & Muslim Countries will be closing early. Please expect delay in deliveries during this period due to shorter working hours.

Public Holidays – Spain, no collections or deliveries will take place today.

Public Holidays – Labour day in Europe today. No deliveries or collections will take place today.

Customs now require all senders private or business to register for EORI if they send goods of a value of £800 or more our of the UK.
To Register for EORI please visit

Customs Strikes – Please be advised we have strikes going on at all major hubs around Europe. This will cause delays with deliveries, including Timed Deliveries.

South African customs are also on Strike this week

Presidents’ Day – This is a Federal holiday and banks, financial institutions and government buildings will be closed.
Deliveries will be attempted as normal but please expect some delays as many other businesses and mailrooms within buildings will also observe the holiday.

Phone Lines – The phone lines are currently down and we are aiming to have them back up and running ASAP. Please email us with any queries you have and we apologise for the inconvenience caused

Xmas opening times – We will be arranging collections over the Xmas period up until 12:00. 24th Dec – 2nd Jan. Merry christmas and have a happy new year from all at ITS Couriers

USA – Thanksgiving is a National Holiday in the USA; many companies will close early on Wednesday and not reopen until Monday morning. The Integrator networks will shut down on Wednesday night and not reopen until Friday morning.

UN Smmit – The UN Summit begins on Monday in NYC and will shut down a large section of Manhattan. We will be sending in extra walkers to try to access these areas but there will be delays to deliveries next week.
The city is on high security alert, with security checks on vehicles coming into the city via bridges and tunnels. Roads will be closed and random stop and search on vans and trucks are in operation. Hotels will have additional security and screening and some will not accept courier deliveries. Please make sure all packages clearly show a contact name and phone number.

Japan Typhoon-Kansai Airport / Osaka – Please note Kansai Airport (KIX) ,on a man-made island in Osaka Bay has been flooded and damaged by Typhoon Jebi (No.21) and will not re-open until at least tonight (Sep 5). (All flights are cancelled).
As some places in the airport were damaged severely, it might take quite a long time to recover, please expect delays.

Monday is a National Holiday in the USA and no deliveries or collections will be attempted. Our JFK office will be closed on Monday. Please be aware that many offices and mailrooms will close early on Friday.

The 2018 Tour De France will begin from the 7th July until the 29th July. Please expect some delays in deliveries.

Wednesday is a National Holiday in the USA and no deliveries or collections will be attempted. Our JFK office will be closed on Monday.

Monday is a National Holiday in the USA and no deliveries or collections will be attempted. Our JFK office will be closed on Monday.

Today is the first day of the month of Ramanda. During this month, all of the companies, Private & Goverment Sector, in the Middle East & Muslim Countries will be closing early. Please expect delay in deliveries during this period due to shorter working hours.
Also please note that there wont be afternoon runs/ delivery in Dubai during the month of Ramadan.

We have updated our website to a secure connection to meet with new legislations for our website. If you have any issues with booking we need to get a link added to your firewall. Please contact ITS for assistance with this

We have delays for collections today due to Snow in central London. Please expect delays for collections today

Please be informed that there are some delays due to Snow in Italy, other areas will be effected

Please be informed that there are still some delays to packages in China due to the Chinese New Year

Paris France has ground to a halt as the French capital was transformed into a winter wonderland with more snow expected to fall.  Commuters faced further chaos today 08.02.18 after 15cm of snow blanketed the iconic city on Wednesday.
Despite clear skies bringing respite from wintery showers sub-zero temperatures saw weather warnings for snow and ice remain in place bringing road and rail routes to a standstill.
The mercury plummeted to -2C bringing fears of treacherous ice while forecasters warned more snow could fall on Friday.

Please be informed that there are several strikes/demonstrations scheduled in Greece for this week that may affect deliveries. Most important is the farmers strike, who plan to close parts of national roads indefinitely. This could cause delays in the forwarding of out of Athens shipments.

WINTER STORM DELAYS IN THE USA – There are winter storm warnings along the East Coast  for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New England, Maine, Massachusetts , Rhode Island, Washington DC ,Georgia , North and South Carolina with blizzard conditions beginning on Thursday followed by heavy snowfall and wind chills in some areas as low as minus 25 degrees.  Airlines are cancelling flights today and driving conditions will be very difficult in all the affected states and there will be delays to deliveries along the east coast.

Happy New Year from all at ITS Couriers.

ITS Newsletter

Dear Customers.

Thank you for your continuous support throughout this year. We greatly value your business and will enjoy continuing to service your International and UK requirements.

This year we have rolled out our brand-new website. We have listened to your valued feedback over this year and are continuing to upgrade the website to enhance user performance. We have introduced some new features that you can use online, such as;

  • Get a quote online
  • Live pricing and service upgrade choices plus costs
  • View Invoices and Credit notes online
  • Bulk upload all your customer addresses
  • Third party email tracking updates

May we take this opportunity to remind you of the range of services we have to offer:
Standard International Export/Import (documents)
Freight / Heavyweight Export/Import (70kgs to 5000kgs)
Timed deliveries (Pre 9am / Pre 12am)
Professional Packing (bespoke made Plywood Crates with foam lining to Tri Wall boxes)
EU Road and Economy options
3rd Party bookings via Integrators
International Mail deliveries
Fulfilment requirements

We have increasing expertise in working with Art Galleries, Bespoke Interior Designers, Art Dealers, Wholesale clothing companies, Fashion Houses and Boutiques.  Our customers in these areas have taken advantage of our on-sight soft wrapping and bespoke professional packing services ranging from handmade ply wooden cases to tri wall boxes.

Our Blue chip customers, Banks, Financial institutions and Legal and Accounting Firms seek with interest our fulfilment International Mail and Timed delivery services.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us.

If you have not yet seen our website please take a look, and let us know your feedback.

Please also check out our Twitter and Facebook for updates on public holidays around the world which may impact on your deliveries. Please see links below

We look forward to working with you in the year to come