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International Import & Export Specialists

At ITS we see our role as a logistics consultant, providing one-stop business solutions that connect people and companies beyond national and regional boundaries, through diverse logistics modes, integrating land and air transport. Capitalizing on our extensive international service network, we offer a wide range of consolidated air and road freight forwarding services.  Export, Import and Country to Country services include the collection, customs clearance and delivery to a vast range of world-wide destinations. We have a dedicated team of trained consultants whom consistently monitor your deliveries and any potential problems and delays are resolved effectively.  We connect all our customers to our online portal and pro-actively email real-time updates linked to our on-line tracking.

Our proactive approach has seen I.T.S grow our logistics solutions, meeting the needs of customers in every business category, covering diverse businesses such as; Art Galleries, Bespoke Interior Designers, Art Dealers, Wholesale clothing companies, Fashion Houses and Boutiques.  ITS offer on-sight soft wrapping and bespoke professional packing services ranging from handmade ply wooden cases to tri wall boxes.  We are committed to offering our customers in sectors such as; Banking, Finance, Legal and Accounting, new solutions to their unique transportation challenges.

Our established network enables us to provide our customers with Next Day deliveries coverage to OVER 85% of European destinations, including Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. We can deliver to ANYWHERE in the USA during the following business day, arriving before 10.30 am.

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